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Welcome to our DEMO Lacrosse League Website.  This site is intended to give users a first hand experience from a registering parent perspective.        

To get started with this demo please press the league website login button located in the upper right and use:
 User Namelacrosse
After you have logged into the system please press any of the blue links  on this page to give you more information about the stated feature . Click through the Menus on your left to get a full understanding of the features of this website.

Notice now that this parent “lacrosse” has new menu items that appear in the left sidebar called Blue Jays, Hawks, and Terps -- this is because the parent registered multiple children and they were placed on the these teams.  The system automatically places these teams in the menu structure to allow the parent quick convenient access to their player's team pages for important team information.

Clicking on the Blue Jays menu item gives the parent quick access to the team page.   Team pages become secure when players are placed on a the team roster.  Team pages contain the schedule, standing, roster, player availabilty, sign up list for things like snacks, team calendar, team announcements, team videos, and team photos.  

Clicking on the player name in the team roster will take you to that players own page where the registering parent has the editing rights their player page and can upload player pictures, player videos, create their own pllayer trading card and enter season highlights.   In this example the user "lacrosse"  has a player, Jimmy Lacrosse, here is Jimmy's player page 

lacrosse sports league websites Lacrosse League Website Features:

A powerful Online Registration system that supports multiple payment methods and gateways.
- Easy to use reporting tools that give you the Who? What? and How Much? for online registrations.
- Free merchant account setup that deposits money into your organization's account versus your vendors bank account,
- ClubSetup's special Merchant Account that will save organizations an average of $2 per $100 in registration fees.   Rates are straight pass through interchange plus $0.07 per transaction and $2 for every $1,000 processed.  These rates are the same rates offered to multi-billion dollar corporations such as Wal-Mart and McDonald's.  Most league website vendors hide the fact that  mark up credit card rates and transaction fees for profit.    ClubSetup online credit card rates are the LOWEST you will find anywhere in the sports league website marketplace. 

Lowest total overall cost for a full featured sports league website.   Learn More

Complete Lacrosse League Scheduling
- Generate your own schedule or easily import your schedule,
- Tournament bracket software,
- Auto populate team pages and organization calendars with schedules.

Integrated and useful apps for your members
 - A Sports League Classified section that allows your members to sell or look for used sporting items saving them money
 - A Lost and Found section that allows your members to post lost and found items on your site

- There are 2 types of sign up event applications you can use with your website to conduct sign ups for voluntary or mandatory events such as Snack Shack or Umpire/Referee signups;  When the user signs up admins are notified and the signee is sent a notification reminder email 24 hr prior to the event.  
 - Organization and Team Page Signup application that allows admins to easily create signups based on any calendar event, scheduled game, or practice.  The user simply checks the item they want to sign up for
 - Signup with Payment Option is used for signup events that are integrated with the online registration system and your merchant account allowing administrators the option to require a signup during registration and/or collect funds for these events or to have a $0 charge.   When a user completes a signup they are generating an order.

Ad management and Sponsor page system
- The ad's located on the left sidebar are optional and change per page view.  If you decide to use the ad system, you receive 100% of the proceeds.
- Notice the league sponsors tab in the menus, click on some of the sponsors.  The sponsors (without the aid of volunteers) can purchase, pay, and create their own ad.   Each sponsor has their own dedicated page thus saving your volunteers the extra work and appeasing your sponsors.
- Standard with each website is your own league brand estore where you can raise additional funds for your league.

- Easily solicit input from your membership

Fund Raising Tools
- Your own integrated banner advertising,
- A visual digital thermometer based fund raising tool that is integrated with your merchant system,
- Sponsor page that automatically populates after a sponsorship purchase,
- Your own Lacrosse e-store integrated with your own merchant account.

One Click Messaging and Notification
- Quickly notify your entire organization, or division, or team.

ClubsetupSocial Media Connects
- Facebook, Twitter and Google+ integration.

ClubSetup is a complete ad-free league website offered at the lowest overall total cost. 

To learn more about ClubSetup watch our short YouTube Video!

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